Monday, 5 September 2011

Ragleth Writers

The monthly meeting of the Ragleth writers has been and gone and I think todays meeting was the best so far.

Advice from more experienced and far more talented writers has steered me away from the Kindle route and back towards the more traditional approach of paper-based publication. It was proving a utter nightmare to write graphic intensive books - like my current project "Grave Mistakes" - in the Kindle format.

I read out another couple of short extracts from my other current project. This time it was two of E+E's friends who were centre-stage. I am encouraged by the feedback I received and providing the meeting with E+E goes well then I think a worthwhile and publishable book may emerge. I am going to be very disappointed if E+E decide that they don't want to carry on working with me but as I promised myself, and them, right from the start the final decision must be theirs.

Update - January 2014    

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