Friday, 16 September 2011

A bit more on the E+E meeting

E+E have a wide circle of friends that they stay in touch with via Facebook and by email. Nothing too unusual in all of this except that most of their friends were either adopted, fostered or spent some years in a Childrens Home. E+E publish a newsletter every 3 to 4 weeks that goes out to over 100 readers. In many ways they count as authors just as much as I do.

E+E are both married and as all four of them work their household income in over £100,000 per annum. Not bad in your early 20's. They seem to spend lots of time and money supporting less fortunate friends and my admiration for them goes up week-by-week.

I am still hoping to make direct contact with their closest friend who recently moved to this part of the world. E+E are keen to broaden the number of contributors to the proposed book but some of their friends are very wary. We shall see.

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