Friday 28 October 2011

The 11 hour book

It took me almost exactly 11 hours to write a book - prepare it for publication - and then send it off to Lulu for printing. "Disaster 1913" is based on newspaper reports of the Senghenydd colliery explosion and on the sinking of the Volturno.

All this is just an experiment to see if more books covering other disasters is a viable project.

Tuesday 11 October 2011

Ragleth Writers - again

Another useful meeting of the writing group. It looks as if we might have a new member coming to the next meeting which is an encouraging sign.

I think the most useful thing I found out at the meeting is the value of making a list a list of jobs that need to be done daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly.

I am ashamed that I didn't think of the idea myself.

Update - January 2014    

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