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Unique Commonwealth War Graves - a new 6 volume worldwide survey

Unique United Kingdom War Graves and Memorials Worldwide


Published December 2015 and now available from Amazon.
This book is compiled from the records maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission of servicemen and women killed or missing since the start of the First World War in 1914.
The book is subdivided into three separate sections. The first contains details of the location of the grave or memorial that is the only one in a particular country. The second and third sections contain details of the locations of the graves or memorials naming United Kingdom servicemen or women who were the only representative of their rank or unit anywhere in the world to lose their lives.
The other books in this series, for the war graves of other Commonwealth nationalities, also include a section listing those cemeteries worldwide that include only one grave or name on a memorial of a serviceman or woman of that nationality. This has proved impractical for United Kingdom service personnel because of the huge number of such sites, both in the UK and worldwide. However this additional list is available via e-mail for any reader who requires it, on request to the author.
Every life lost as a result of military service is a tragedy for the family and friends of the individual, and this book does not seek to imply that those listed here are any more deserving of memory than those not selected.
The CWGC lists over 1,282,000 names of dead or missing United Kingdom service personnel who are remembered at locations worldwide. Of these 559,808 (43.7%) were Privates but only one was a Nursing Assistant.
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