Saturday, 4 July 2015

A possible scam avoided?

This week we were due to have our oil tank filled up. Unfortunately the tanker driver "found" a crack in the tank exactly where he had rested his ladder when he climbed up. He told us that he could give us the name of a firm that would replace the tank for us, and we received a telephone call from that firm within the hour.  We arranged for them to call round in order to give us a quote for a new tank. 

We took the precaution of also getting a quote from from another firm and that proved to be a wise move because the firm we found quoted £1670 for the work and the referred firm quoted over £2300 - which was 38% more!

We do wonder what relationship there was between the oil delivery firm and the referred tank firm - are they owned by the same group, or did one pay a referral fee to the other? We suspect that any such relationship is not in the best interests of customers like ourselves.

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