Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Ragleth Writers

Why did I join the Ragleth Writers?

I was invited to would be the simple answer. Judith Gordon is my next door neighbour and while we were drinking coffee it came up in conversation that we were both authors - although in very different genres.

But there was more to it than that. When I write an article in response to a desparate request from a journal editor the last thing I am going to get is balanced feedback on the merits, or otherwise, of my material. The editor and the society members are almost always supportive of the budding author and I knew I was slipping into a state of quiet complacency about my abilities as a non-fiction writer.

Joining the Ragleth Writers has given me supportive but realistic feedback that I need if I am to improve my writing skills and to expand the type of projects I might consider undertaking.

All of which leads neatly to my latest excuse for sitting in front of the computer. About three years ago I was invited to mentor two young adults who had recently left the care system. We exchange emails about twice a week and they have gradually been telling me their, very poignant, story. Together we are looking to write a book about their experiences.

Update - January 2014    

The Ragleth Writers website can be found at http://www.ragleth-writers.info/
The Ragleth Writers blog can be found at http://ragleth-writers-shropshire.blogspot.co.uk/

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