Thursday, 25 August 2011

I'm not easily shocked but ....

Have you seen the difference in price between the many image processing software packages? Some of the big names fall into the category of "How much!!" followed by "Claire, look at this!" despite offering very little more than the other options provide - at 10-25% of the price!

As one well-known tennis player announced to the world, "You cannot be serious.". I never though I would need to use the phrase until I was told the rate per hundred words for writing reviews of astronomical books. By the time I had looked through the book in detail and written the 500 words the hourly rate would have been under 50p per hour. Err, no thanks.

Also in my sniper rifle gunsights are the firms that charge vast sums for jobs that the client could do themselves - for nothing and in a few minutes. Converting Microsoft Word to PDF files for example.

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