Saturday, 21 February 2015

Music for my funeral - lessons from Betty

I have been pondering what music would be appropriate for my funeral - when it comes!

It seems to me that there are two possible slots in the secular ceremony where I would like to have some music:
  • In the middle of the funeral, an idea borrowed from our family friend Betty, when those present can think about the deceased.
  • When the curtains close and the coffin is whisked away to the furnace.



  1. Cheery!

    Betty actually nicked one of mine! I'd also have 'Sailing'.

    And I'd have, 'What A Wonderful World'.

    To finish, a bit of 'Bright Side Of Life' with a group sing-song, with the lyrics printed in the program! :)

  2. Betty had obviously though long and hard about what SHE wanted at her funeral. I am following her good example!