Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Death by neglect combined with a chronic failure to take advice

The Adoption and Fostering Forum where I made a number of friends over the last couple of years is no more!
I think the forum was pretty much doomed when in 2013  "Honey" managed to delete a large percentage of the extensive archives when she was attempting to re-launch the site. Exactly what she did, or why she did it will forever remain shrouded in mystery but she certainly managed to annoy most of her regular readers.
"Honey" isn't a person who ever accepted criticism - or advice - about the forum so it was almost inevitable that she would reject a range of options that might (no more than that) have saved the site. The downward spiral continued almost unchecked throughout the first part of 2014 and it now seems that in early July 2014 she gave up the battle, deleted all the remaining messages and has now disappeared from the scene.
I accept that she did invest large amounts of time and effort in running the forum over a period of years but the destruction of all the remaining archives by such a deliberate act is unforgivable. In effect "Honey" has put her own wishes and her own disappointment above those of all the many other contributors to the forum. It would have been such a simple matter to ask somebody else to take over the day-to-day running of the site - I know for a fact that she had at least two offers - but she wasn't prepared to do this 
"Honey" has or had 3 other moderators - "Dishy" who vanished some time ago frustrated by the inaction of "Honey" et al, "Pixxie" who might be "Honey's" sister and "Lamplady" who seldom visited the site. I wonder what they make of all this?  

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