Monday, 12 May 2014

May 2014 - still grinding along!

It has a long time since my previous post but then nobody can say that I didn't warn you that this blog was never going to revert to its former regime.

Since January I have been writing astronomical articles and booklets pretty much full time. The books have all been uploaded to Amazon and the sales are starting to trickle in. I now feel that it is time for a change so I have decided to stop the astronomy research and writing for a while and instead to divide my energy between the second volume of "Baby Nicola's Diary" and a second social history book - this time on unusual ways of dying.

After feeling rather demotivated in my role as Chair of Governors at a local school I seem to summoned up some more energy and enthusiasm and - although I say it myself - I put on a cracking performance with the HMI during her recent visit.

I am still in email communication with Eve and Ella and "Student Sally" every week and working with them continues to give real meaning to my life. I know that is horrible jargon but it is far too easy to drift into a placid, totally stress free, routine where nothing seems to happen to distinguish one week from the weeks on either side.

So is everything in the garden rosy? No, not really but it is rather difficult to put into words what has upset me without seeming petty. But I do think that the "Wow, how amazing, have an MBE" said to somebody who had served as a school governor for 11 years when I have done 30 years is part of the problem!

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