Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Post-election blues

I used to get say that politicians were only interested in talking to me when they wanted my vote. As regular as clockwork when election time came round I could confidently predict that I would receive promotional material from each of the main parties standing in my constituency.

Sadly over the last few years there has been a steady move towards the elimination of even this small amount of voter/representative interaction.  For the last three elections – the Police Commissioner, the County Council and the Parish Council – nothing whatsoever came through our front door. I find this quite annoying in so many different ways. Why should I bother to vote for a candidate that cannot be bothered to tell me what he or she believes in? Little wonder that the turn-out at some of these elections is so low.

Looking on the bright side. I have greatly cheered by the recent performance of UKIP. What was particularly enjoyable was seeing the outrage of the political establishment at the prospect of their cosy little cartel being disrupted by “people power”. The Conservatives in south Shropshire seem so entrenched and now the other parties seem to given up trying to unseat them – neither Labour or the Lib Dems even stood for election – I would welcome the opportunity to vote for UKIP.

I don’t want a party run by millionaire Old Etonians to speak for me. Still less do I want to support a person who is so delusional that he believes that any meaningful renegotiation with foreign governments over the EU will be possible.

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  1. Urgh. Don't vote UKIP. Bunch of racist ignorami. Plus their leader is super-creepy and *shudder*
    Much like the Green Party, they'd all want to be foreign minister, but no one will want to be health or education.

    'fraid they've joined the tories on my "never in a million years voting for" list.