Friday, 26 April 2013

Cannington College (6)

The last few weeks of my time at Cannington College were really rather strange. By this stage Steve S and Dave M had already left and the mobile classroom and office the three of us had occupied for several years was empty apart from me. My location, near the edge of the sports field, was scenic enough but geographically isolated from the rest of the department and shortly before I too was due to leave the entire block was rented out to – I think – a crèche and I was left homeless.

In characteristic Cannington fashion nobody bothered to warn me in advance and the first I knew about all of this was when I found a rather terse note on my (former) desk from the new occupants asking me to vacate “their space” pronto! Curiously and amusingly I never met the author of this note and although we exchanged a number of messages over a period of a couple of weeks I never saw them or any member of their staff or even the slightest sign that any childcare provision was taking place.

In ten years I had worked at Cannington I had accumulated lots of teaching resources and I was, understandably I think, reluctant to move them to some unspecified location elsewhere on the college site without good reason. I say unspecified because, although the college bosses had agreed to me moving out so the crèche staff could move in, the bosses hadn’t given any thought to where I was to move to. In the end I found my own temporary home in the large office used by the peripatetic agricultural lecturers and it was there I was based until the end.     

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