Friday, 13 July 2012

The New Biggles Companion.

The economics of publishing a physical, as opposed to an electronic, version of the New Biggles Companion have improved quite significantly over the last couple of years. When I first discovered Lulu I seem to recall being shocked at how expensive short run printing remained so I can only assume that Lulu have changed their business model. 
It is going to be an interesting exercise to compare the sales of the two versions over the next few months.
What is contained in the New Biggles Companion?

Biggles 1899 to 1945 - Part 1 covers the First World War and Biggles' service in the Royal Flying Corps.

Biggles 1899 to 1945 - Part 2 covers his "footloose and fancy free" life between the two world wars.

Biggles 1899 to 1945 - Part 3 covers his military service during the Second World War.

The complete who, what and when of Biggles' work in the Special Air Police.

An in-depth review of Biggles Second Case.

In theory it should only take a few weeks for the physical book to be available through Amazon but it always a bit of a lottery as to how quickly and how smoothly the different distribution channels swing into action.
I would love to see the sales figures of all the different books that Lulu publish. I suspect that the median and mode sales (excluding sales to the different authors) is probably under 10 copies. "Never is the course of human history was so much written by so many to be read by so few."

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