Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Collingwood, South Tehidy, Cornwall

The breakfasts were excellent both in quality and quantity and the staff were friendly but there are several other aspects of the business that were very disappointing. These need to be looked at urgently if the current rating is to be maintained

The bedroom was the smallest double room I have ever stayed in and the first without curtains at the windows. The very thin light-coloured blinds did almost nothing to keep out the light and this meant that as soon as dawn broke it was hard to sleep. I think to describe our room as spacious, as was done in the promotional material, was being rather optimistic. The bed was placed across the narrowest part of the room so that it was almost impossible to get from one side of the room to the other without climbing over the bed. I'm also not a great fan of the modern assumption that guests don't want to have their bed made and the room aired and tidied every day.

Equally curious was the mention of 2 acres of woodland. There was a medium sized garden at the front of the property and a large tarmac area (basically a car park) at the rear but no sign whatsoever of two acres of woodland.

However the strangest thing about our visit was the way that the owner vanished for 45 minutes just when we were trying to pay the bill. It seems that she was on the "school run" and as no other member of staff was authorised to deal with money we were just left hanging around. This was very unprofessional and rather confirmed our sense of disappointment.

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