Friday, 17 February 2012

What would my 20 year old self think of how I turned out?

When I was 20 I was at Nottingham University studying Food Technology. I hadn’t thought much about careers especially since employment prospects for graduates were said to be the “worst they had been for a generation”. I assumed I would look for a job in the food industry but where, when and what never crossed my mind. I had a regular girlfriend – I’ve now been married to her for over 30 years – and a group of close friends all of whom I still regard as close friends.

I would have been shocked to find out that I only lasted three years in the food industry before changing careers and becoming a further education college lecturer. When I was 20 I didn’t know myself well enough to realise that I was going to find working for people as opposed to working with people a source of great personal unhappiness. I hated most of my time at United Biscuits and the only positive thing I gained was the reference that got me a lecturing job down in Somerset.

When I was 20 I never thought I would travel the world or achieve greatness in my career. And of course I never did. I certainly never would have guessed that I would end up spending much of my working life in a career that didn’t even exist when I was at university. As for living in rural Shropshire, engaging in creative writing and attending a “Walking for Health” group. No way!

“You did what!” just about sums it up.

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