Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Nobody likes to be taken for a fool

Nobody likes to be taken for a fool so when people “try it on” with Claire the culprit can hardly be surprised when relationships become somewhat frosty.

Our gas fire is on an annual service contract so although it wasn’t causing us any concern it was given a full service only the other week. Curiously, almost immediately after the engineer’s visit, it developed a fault that required a second visit and the replacement of a part. So what exactly had the first visit achieved?

At best we were left wondering just how comprehensive the initial annual service had been if the cracks in such a key component hadn’t been discovered in the course of the visit. At worse we did have to wonder if the component failure and the visit of the engineer were somehow connected. That a profit yielding fault should appear so soon after the engineer departed seems rather too much of a co-incidence.

The part failure created the impression of a gas leak. What do you do when you have a gas leak - you report it and somebody is supposed to come out straight away. We did and they didn’t. It was an almost unbelievable 3 days before an engineer arrived.

Needless to say we are most unimpressed with the performance of the company and we will not be renewing our contract unless it proves to be impossible to make any alternative provision.

At the same time as this drama has been running we have had another repeat of the classic excuse “it must have got lost in the post” for one item coupled with “I never received it” for a second item. All the culprit has achieved has been to make themselves look somewhat less reliable than I had previously imagined. I had thought better of them and I'm disappointed.

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