Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Avoid middle ear infections if you can!! - Part 2

Normally I would dream of posting one, never mind two, blog entries about my health. But so many of you have been kind enough to ask "how are you now" that it seems quite rude not to publish an update!

So - 4 weeks on from my last blog entry how have things progressed?

Well not as far as I would have hoped if I'm honest. Everything to do taking sleeping tablets to "re-establish my sleep patterns" proved difficult. The side effects were most unpleasant and since I wasn't getting anything like the number of hours of sleep that the doctors expected when they prescribed them for me the treatment was stopped. That was a relief as it felt that I was just swapping one problem (going to sleep) for another (eventually coming off the pills)

Then I got a groin infection plus a separate problem with my bladder. Both were quickly diagnosed but both took time to get better. A few days in hospital didn't help me - possibly it actually made me rather worse - but eventually, about 10 days ago, I turned the proverbial corner and started to feel a slow improvement.

This is continuing but is boringly slow!

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  1. This is my 1st time here and having read part 1 and part 2 within my few moments here,.
    I'm happy to say "Hello" to you, Martin Nicholson.
    I'm glad you are on your way to improvement. I look forward to reading more about you,.
    I like the way you share,. leading me to see as I comprehend and vision from your descriptions lol I like you :)