Thursday, 26 March 2015

Goodbye to the Ragleth Writers

There are only losers when a group self-destructs and I don't suppose I will ever know exactly what motivated two long-standing members to act in the way they did.  

I supported the Ragleth Writers since 2011 because for me the positives always comfortably exceeded the negatives. I think I contributed as much as anybody to the running of the group although it wasn't always easy as I wasn't a member of the inner circle who all tended to see the group rather more as a social gathering than as a writers group.  

With hindsight the existence of this undemocratic core was always going to be problematic. Although the group was "sold" to me as being a collection of equals the resident alpha-female clearly didn't see it that way! Church Stretton is a small community and the group never seemed to have enough members to dilute her negative influence on all those outside her close-knit clique.

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