Friday, 26 September 2014

Update on my various E-Pals

There seem to have been rather a lot of changes in my communication archives in the last three months so I think it is time for an update.


AC/DC - a young blogger and E-pal of mine who remained cheerful and upbeat despite money troubles and the sudden arrival of her live-in boyfriend's sister to share their tiny flat. Her family life has calmed down and she now emails me every few weeks. I still laugh out loud every time I read her messages.
Happiness factor - 8/10

Caroline - She was the last link to my years as a college lecturer. We had exchanged emails since I retired but recently these have been bouncing and I have no other reliable way of getting in touch. It is all rather sad - I hope nothing has happened to her.
Sadness factor - 9/10


The Facebook Social History group

I am the Administrator of this group which has enrolled nearly 1400 members in just under a year. I try hard to post several items of interest every day.
Happiness factor - 9/10 

My cemetery related blog

This was started back in July 2013 and it gets between 500 and 2000 visitors a day.
Happiness factor - 10/10 

Old Timer - His "matter of fact" approach to life was like the proverbial breath of fresh air in the world of blogging. He is a widower but has just got engaged to his first ever girlfriend from way back in his school days. He now seems, perhaps unsurprisingly, to be too busy to stay in touch!
Sadness factor - 5/10

The Astro-CynicsFour years ago there were five of us who shared a common interest in astronomy and also in being a proverbial thorn in the flesh of the astronomical "movers and shakers". We used to exchange emails a couple of times a month and I used to look forward to hearing all the gossip. Then Hannah died and we were down to four and in 2013 two other members gave up on the hobby as advancing years and retreating finances took their toll. Now Charles, my friend and sounding board in the USA, has decided to retire from the world of science to take up golf and fossil hunting.

And that just leaves me - the last man standing.
Sadness factor - 9/10

So I seem to have gained 27 points and lost 23 points which rather confirms my view of the last 15 months - "Moderate but not more".


  1. RE: Caroline. Is she on Facebook? If she isn't, I'm SURE her girls are, if you wanted to send a message through them.

  2. Thank you Sally I will check it out - certainly Caroline wasn't on the last time I looked but her daughters might be.