Monday, 11 June 2012

Poetry and prose project - progress report

It was an interesting exercise working with Eve and Ella on this mini-project. The idea was to jump forward twelve years in order to write two poems that would sum up their feelings on their, hypothetical, parting in 2012.

Neither girl can read the poems without starting to cry!


“Do you ever think about Ella?” A casual husbandly question over lunch.
The truth is that every day I’ve mourned for Ella and wished she was here.
Mourned for Ella for twelve years now. Without a gap, without a pause.
A 3
month trial in the USA Ella had said to me. 3 months - then home again.
But 3 became 6 then 12. By then I knew sweet Ella had gone for good.
The “gone for ever” email duly came. No signs of regret. Ella never did regret.
Ella promised to keep in touch with casual words about airline trips.
Trips we never did – My wifely answer, “No, Ella was just a girl I used to know.”


“Mum, who is that in the picture with you?” A hungry teenager makes me look.
Make me look into my past. I see her face, the face I loved so much. Eve’s face.
Eve’s face as I remember it. Young and lovely. Taken in those happy years.
Those golden years. I thought they would last forever. Eve and Ella together.
Together. It wasn’t to be. Eve got a job, a wonderful well-paid job. 4000 miles away.
4000 miles. Far too far without a move. A move I didn’t want to make. Too scared.
Too scared, too selfish and too stupid to take the chance. And so Eve left me.
Left me – Out loud I say, “The photo? That’s Eve a girl I used to know.”

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